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On the 2nd June 2022, our Decarbonisation and Green Innovation Director, Nate Macmillan, had the honor of moderating session 2.2 “Beyond borders: Increasing intra-regional and international trade with the DRC”, at the DRC Mining Week in Lubumbashi, DRC with fellow panelists whom he asked how their organisations are appreciating, capacity building, embracing, facilitating the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA):

• Jean-Marc Châtaigner, Ambassador of the Europeean Union to the DRC
• Patrick Muland Kabey, President FEC-Haut Katanga, DRC
• Rodolphe Kembukuswa, Managing Director, Bollore, DRC
• Eric Benedict Hamissi, Managing Director, Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA), Tanzania
• H.E Henric Råsbrant, Ambassador of of Sweden to the DRC

Ascon Group’s contribution to intra-Africa trade is the alchemy of sustainable, decarbonisation solutions such as biofuel/e-fuels blending for farm-to-fork, pit-to-discharge port operations including rail/road logistics supply chains with associated carbon offsets, optimised reverse logistics with no empty ‘dead’ legs, carbon capture retrofits to flue emissions stacks with associated e-fuels/synthetic hydrocarbon synthesis, biochar/woodchip alternatives to replace coal, land rehabilitation for carbon credits generation, reforestation including REDD+, waste to carbon credit pathways, waste to BioLNG with associated organic manure pathways, waste to power, fugitive heat to power, climate impact reporting, the punitive carbon tax mitigation, air quality and emissions, carbon footprint consulting with a focus on Scope 3 emissions with added traceability and transparency attributes.

Ascon is looking to retrofit proprietary CO2 Capture technology to existing, industrial point source, emissions flue stacks to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions as the fastest pathway for net zero carbon and “Just Transition”.

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