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Dropterra Ltd. & Ascon Group sign Joint Venture

End of June 2021, Dropterra Ltd. and Ascon Group have signed a binding long-term Joint Venture for the promotion of Dropterra’s well established Water Treatment Systems that are produced in the Netherlands and the USA.

Systems promoted by Dropterra Ltd. are capable of delivering high quality hygiene drinkable, irrigation, fish farm and sanitation water from any kind of high saline and polluted water resources. Powered fully by solar (if desired by the client), simplicity of the design and affordability of the cost of the systems manufactured by Dropterra’s manufacturers are the three main competences of the company.

The company’s goal is to give to the poorest communities’ access to clean potable water. According to the United Nations, more than two billion people worldwide have no access to clean drinkable water.

Dropterra’s Co-CEO Mr. Francois Schramek: “With our products, we wanted to simplify the lives of people in poor rural areas so that women and children no longer had to walk kilometers to pay a lot of money for polluted water. We have developed a technology for permanently monitoring the plants in remote villages in order to be able to fix any problems that arise quickly and safely. In addition to drinking water, our system also supplies water for agriculture, various industries and hotels etc. Our goal is to supply more than half a million people by the end of 2022. The shortage of water will affect more and more people in the future due to climate changes. ”

It is within this background that Ascon has decided to cooperate with Dropterra Ltd., given its involvement in many remote mining and operating areas where local communities suffer from the lack of potable water and proper access to electricity. With this in mind, it is Ascon’s aim to support the communities in which Ascon operates in and to also encourage the respective Governments in their initiatives to provide clean water to all of their inhabitants.

Mr. Andreas Sack, Ascon Chairman: “We are very proud and excited about our Joint Venture with Dropterra Ltd. as it gives us the opportunity to have a positive impact on the well-being of the communities that we operate in which very often are rather poor rural areas with little access to affordable drinking water and electricity. Dropterra has the technical expertise and Ascon the international network to make this cooperation a successful blend and to fulfill our mutual desire to leave a positive footprint on this earth.”


For further inquiries or if you have an interest in the Water Treatment Systems, please contact Mr. Barich under c.barich@ascongroup.de