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ASCON GROUP has recently learned of a scam involving persons posing as company officers, or falsely claiming to represent our company or a UK company group affiliate, while soliciting the opportunity to conduct business on behalf of the company.

We hereby declare that:

  1. We do not have a UK affiliated company under the name Ascon Trading GmbH UK Ltd. or similar. A company under that name has simply been set up to steal and misuse the identity of ASCON.
  2. Mr. Peter Kayhan, Mr. David Collett, Mr. Shimon Cohen, Mr. Bach Kenney, Mr. Marc Hayot and Ms. Jamila El Halfi are not working for ASCON, have no right to represent ASCON and are solely using our name in a potential fraudulent manner
  3. Any documents such as company profiles, offer letters, LOIs etc. using the name of Ascon Trading GmbH UK Ltd., have been issued without our consent and do not comply with our usual code of conduct or corporate identity.

Our company, our group affiliates and officers have absolutely no involvement with these potential fraudulent practices and do not make such solicitations.

Please be aware of this scam, and if you receive email solicitations from anyone posing as the company, its group affiliates or company officers that appears even remotely suspicious, contact us immediately.

Do not respond to these emails or communicate with the sender, and do not provide the sender with any personal or financial information.

For inquiries concerning this matter, please contact: office@ascongroup.de